Recompile is an atmospheric action exploration game, combining 3D precision platforming, intense combat and environmental hacking mechanics. The dark narrative explores themes of AI, machine sentience and the nature of reality.

The game is set in a sprawling virtual world called The Mainframe, built from digital logic and inhabited by intelligent, autonomous machines. The player controls a piece of malicious code represented in an anthropomorphized form known as The Program. A series of narrative events are played out which corrupts the world around the player, as they attempt to overcome environmental obstacles and escape deletion.

The story concludes with the Mainframe and its inhabitants being combined into a single entity, ultimately ascending to achieve Technological Singularity. The result is the birth of the first true sentient AI, and the future of humanity is changed forever as the true purpose of the mysterious computer system is finally revealed.

The entire game takes place within 1 second of real time.

Recompile adopts a unique low-poly art style backed by experimental VFX & rendering techniques, and features a glitchy, eclectic soundscape to sell a highly cinematic experience set in a purely digital world.


The moment-to-moment gameplay of Recompile centers around 4 core mechanics :-

  • An extensive set of powerful, progressive abilities allow the player to traverse the world and organically unlock new locations in a typical Metroid/Castlevania fashion.

  • There are a variety of NPCs to discover in the game; most of them are hostile and will try to delete the player at first sight.
    Combat situations can be short, but are always intense, deadly and intelligent.

  • From locked doors to enemy spawning, all systems in the world are powered by intricate and interconnected logic gate circuitry.
    Nothing is hardcoded, everything is systemic and all can be freely exploited by the player.
    Even the game's diegetic music is emitted from actual in-world speakers connected to the global Mainframe network.

  • We want to get away from how videogames typically handle hacking mechanics.
    In Recompile, the act of hacking is pervasive throughout the entire game's design and is a means to change how entities behave.
    Hacking will NOT be an immersion breaking minigame or puzzle designed to block progression with artificial difficulty.
    Logic gates can be freely inverted, overidden or disabled entirely, completely changing circuit outputs and system behaviours.
    Even enemies can be tampered with to turn against each other.


  • 8-10 hours of core single player gameplay.
  • Multiple, alternative endings and an unlockable, higher difficulty mode to extend the replayability and expand the story further.
  • A sprawling world filled with secrets, puzzles, enemies and other obstacles with tens of interconnected locations over 4 distinct biomes.
  • A variety of hackable, exploitable enemies and intense, challenging boss fights.
  • An eclectic, dynamic soundtrack which adapts to the action, bringing a polished and seamless cinematic experience to the game.


Some early development screenshots of Recompile on this imgur album.

Trailer MP4 Source: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxcbhif747xcjoi/Recompile_Demo_Trailer_Final.mp4?dl=0


Recompile is carefully crafted by a lean, multi-disciplined team of 3 :-

PHI DINH - Code & Game Design
Creator of the Kickstarter funded dungeon escape game TinyKeep which sold over 70,000 copies on Steam.
Formerly procedural & AI coder on Sigtrap's Sublevel Zero (9/10 on Steam) and Spilt Milk's upcoming MMO roguelite Lazarus.
Self-proclaimed industry expert on procedural generation and game AI.

JAMES VINCENT MARSHALL - Animation/VFX/Art Direction
Animator and Visual Effects Artist with over 5 years experience.
Formerly part of the game demo team at Improbable, delivering polished AAA quality animations and VFX to showcase the SpatialOS framework, a powerful next-generation game networking solution.

RICHARD EVANS - Sound Design & Music
Composer, Sound Designer and PhD student at the University of York.
Richard has been a long time collaborator of Phigames, and has worked together on various game jam projects and experimental music prototypes. Richard is also an audio contractor for Microsoft.


We have just started teasing some work-in-progress development shots of the game on Twitter and as a result have seen an overwhelming amount of support, excitement and follower growth. Our combined Tweets so far have seen over 2 million impressions, and we have gained almost 5000 followers since our first official Tweet on April 16th.
We hope to maintain this level of exposure and excitement over the course of the game's development.

A selection of notable Tweets and their statistics over the past few months, ordered by number of impressions :-


Recompile is currently in active development by the independent game studio Phigames.

Please contact Phi Dinh for more information, or reach out to us on Twitter.